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how to get planted bush seeds in merge mansion

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of lush gardens and vibrant flowers in Merge Mansion? Well, look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your hands on those elusive seedlings and buds for your puzzle game. Stay tuned for the latest update!

Merge Mansion is not just about merging objects; it’s a world where gardening and decoration go hand in hand. With these precious seedlings, you can transform your mansion into an oasis of natural beauty. But how do you acquire them? That’s what we’re here to reveal. Visit our shop to find the perfect buds for your puzzle.

Get ready to dive into the captivating realm of gardening as we unveil the key techniques for obtaining seedlings and planted flowers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create stunning landscapes that will leave your friends green with envy. Let’s get started with this update!

how to get planted bush seeds in merge mansion

Understanding the Seed for Planted Bushes in Merge Mansion

Get familiar with the seed used for growing bushes in Merge Mansion.

In Merge Mansion, seedlings are a crucial element. These small bush-like seeds act as the foundation for creating stunning greenery within your mansion. By understanding how these seedlings work, you’ll be able to cultivate an enchanting garden that will leave your friends and neighbors in awe. Level two planted flower buds hold the answer to unlocking even more beauty in your garden.

The first step is to become familiar with the different types of seeds available in the game, such as planted flowers. There are various options to choose from, each offering a unique aesthetic appeal. Some popular choices include Rose Seeds, Daisy Seeds, and Lavender Seeds. Each seed type has its own distinct characteristics and colors, allowing you to create a diverse range of bush varieties. So, let’s get started and find the answer!

Understand the importance of the seed for planted bushes in your gameplay.

The planted flower plays a vital role in enhancing the visual appeal of your mansion and progressing through the game. As you merge and combine different items within Merge Mansion, you can collect more seeds to grow additional bushes. These fully grown bushes can then be harvested for valuable resources such as coins or energy. Answer the need for more seeds with merged items!

Moreover, planting and nurturing planted flowers provides an opportunity for strategic gameplay. Placing them strategically around your mansion can boost your overall score and help you unlock new areas or features within the game. So don’t underestimate the power of these humble seeds – they hold great potential for both aesthetics and gameplay advancement! They are the answer to enhancing your gaming experience.

Explore how the seed for planted bushes can enhance your mansion’s aesthetics.

One of the most exciting aspects of Merge Mansion is designing and decorating your virtual home. The use of planted bushes can significantly enhance its visual appeal by adding vibrant colors and natural elements throughout your estate. Additionally, incorporating these bushes into your design can provide a beautiful answer to creating an inviting and picturesque environment.

Here are some ways in which incorporating planted bushes can answer elevate your mansion’s aesthetics.

  • Create stunning pathways: Line your garden paths with rows of blooming roses or lavender bushes to create a picturesque walkway that will transport you to a serene oasis.

  • Frame architectural features: Use strategically placed bushes to accentuate the beauty of your mansion’s architecture. Whether it’s framing a grand entrance or adorning a charming balcony, these bushes can add an extra touch of elegance.

  • Add pops of color: Merge different seed types to create unique combinations and patterns. Experiment with colors and textures to bring life and vibrancy to your outdoor spaces.

  • Create themed gardens: Designate specific areas within your mansion for themed gardens. Planting different seeds in each area will allow you to create distinct atmospheres, such as a tranquil Zen garden or a whimsical fairy garden.

By understanding the seed for planted bushes in Merge Mansion and utilizing them effectively, you can transform your virtual abode into a breathtaking paradise that reflects your personal style and creativity. So get planting, merging, and watch as your mansion flourishes with natural beauty!

Getting planted bush seeds in merge mansion

How to get planted bush seeds in merge mansion? Where to Find Bush Seeds and Flowers in Merge Mansion

Uncover various locations where you can find bush seeds and flowers within Merge Mansion.

In Merge Mansion, there are several locations where you can discover bush seeds and flowers. These valuable items play a crucial role in expanding your garden and progressing through the game. Let’s explore some of the places where you can uncover these coveted treasures:

  • Garden Beds: Keep an eye out for garden beds scattered throughout the mansion. These beds often contain hidden bush seeds or flowers that you can merge to cultivate new plants. Don’t forget to regularly check them as they replenish over time.

  • Hidden Rooms: As you progress through Merge Mansion, be on the lookout for hidden rooms. These secret spaces often hold surprises, including bush seeds and flowers. Use your keen observation skills to find hidden entrances or solve puzzles that lead to these rooms.

  • Mystery Chests: Occasionally, mystery chests will appear in different areas of the mansion. Open them up to reveal a variety of rewards, including bush seeds and flowers. Keep merging objects and completing tasks to increase your chances of finding these lucrative chests.

  • Special Events: Merge Mansion frequently hosts special events with unique themes or storylines. During these events, specific levels may offer a higher chance of obtaining bush seeds and flowers as rewards for completing challenges or objectives. Stay updated on upcoming events so you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Discover hidden sources of bush seeds and flowers throughout the game.

While there are some obvious locations where you can find bush seeds and flowers in Merge Mansion, there are also hidden sources that require a bit more exploration or strategy:

  • Exploring New Areas: As you progress through the game, new areas within the mansion will unlock. Each area presents its own set of challenges but also introduces new opportunities to uncover bush seeds and flowers. Be sure to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny to maximize your chances of finding these valuable items.

  • Completing Quests: Merge Mansion features a quest system that guides you through various tasks and objectives. Completing quests not only advances the storyline but also rewards you with bush seeds and flowers. Pay close attention to the quest log and prioritize tasks that offer these sought-after items as rewards.

Locate specific areas or levels that offer a higher chance of obtaining these valuable items.

While bush seeds and flowers can be found throughout Merge Mansion, certain areas or levels provide a higher likelihood of obtaining them:

  1. The Flower Garden: This level is specifically designed to reward players with an abundance of bush seeds and flowers. Focus on merging objects in this area to quickly gather the resources needed for expanding your garden.

  2. The Greenhouse: As you progress further into the game, you’ll unlock the greenhouse. This area is a treasure trove for bush seeds and flowers, offering numerous opportunities to merge plants and cultivate new ones.

  3. Event Levels: During special events, certain levels may have an increased drop rate for bush seeds and flowers. Take advantage of these limited-time events to stock up on these valuable resources.

Step-by-Step Guide: Getting the Seed for Planted Bushes in Merge Mansion

Discovering the Seed

To start your journey towards obtaining planted bush seeds in Merge Mansion, follow this step-by-step guide. It will help you navigate through each stage of acquiring and cultivating these valuable seeds.

  1. Exploring the Mansion: Begin by thoroughly exploring your mansion. Search every nook and cranny to uncover hidden objects and secret rooms. You never know where a planted bush seed might be hiding!

  2. Completing Puzzles: Merge Mansion is filled with captivating puzzles that hold rewards within them. Solve these brain teasers to earn special chests that may contain planted bush seeds.

  3. Interacting with Characters: Engage in conversations with the intriguing characters inhabiting your mansion. Sometimes, they might offer you a planted bush seed as a reward for completing their quests or helping them with their tasks.

  4. Attending Events: Keep an eye out for special events happening in Merge Mansion. Participate actively to earn event-exclusive rewards, which could include those elusive planted bush seeds.

Efficient Strategies for Obtaining More Seeds

Once you have discovered your first planted bush seed, it’s time to master efficient strategies for obtaining more of these valuable items.

  1. Merge Objects Strategically: In Merge Mansion, merging objects is key to unlocking new items and rewards. Combine lower-level plants and bushes strategically to create higher-level ones, increasing your chances of finding additional planted bush seeds.

  2. Complete Daily Quests: Don’t forget about the daily quests! By completing these tasks regularly, you can earn rewards that may include more planted bush seeds.

  3. Participate in Challenges: Take part in various challenges offered within the game to test your skills and earn extra rewards like planted bush seeds.

  4. Visit Friends’ Mansions: Connect with friends who also play Merge Mansion. Visiting their mansions can provide opportunities to trade items, including planted bush seeds. Collaborating with friends will help you expand your collection faster.

Successful Cultivation of Planted Bushes

Once you have acquired a sufficient number of planted bush seeds, it’s time to focus on successful cultivation within your mansion.

  1. Choose an Ideal Location: Select a suitable spot in your mansion where the planted bushes will thrive. Ensure there is enough space and light for them to grow successfully.

  2. Water and Nourish: Regularly water and nourish the planted bushes by tapping on them. This will speed up their growth process, allowing you to harvest more resources from them.

  3. Merge Grown Bushes: As the planted bushes grow, merge them strategically to create even more valuable varieties. Merging higher-level plants can yield rare items and increase the chances of obtaining additional planted bush seeds.

  4. Harvest Resources: Once fully grown, harvest the resources produced by the cultivated bushes. These resources can be used for various purposes within Merge Mansion, such as crafting new objects or completing quests.

how to get planted bush seeds in merge mansion

Methods for Acquiring Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion

Explore Different Methods

Merge Mansion offers various methods to acquire planted flowers, allowing you to beautify your garden and unlock new possibilities within the game. By exploring these different methods, you can expand your collection of colorful blooms and create a stunning oasis. Let’s delve into the exciting ways you can obtain these planted flowers.

Unlock Special Events or Challenges

One way to obtain beautiful, fully grown flowers is by participating in special events or challenges within Merge Mansion. These events provide unique opportunities to earn exclusive rewards, including rare and exotic varieties of planted flowers. Keep an eye out for limited-time events that offer the chance to add extraordinary blossoms to your collection.

To make the most of these events:

  1. Stay updated: Check for event announcements regularly within the game.

  2. Participate actively: Engage in event-specific activities and complete tasks promptly.

  3. Aim for milestones: Strive to achieve specific goals during the event to unlock extra rewards.

  4. Collect event currency: Earn event currency by completing tasks and use it strategically to acquire planted flowers.

Utilize Merging Techniques

Merging is a vital strategy in Merge Mansion that allows you to combine items and increase their value or rarity. By utilizing merging techniques effectively, you can maximize your chances of obtaining rare varieties of planted flowers.

Here are some merging tips:

  • Merge identical flower pots: Combine multiple flower pots together to create larger pots with more advanced blooms.

  • Focus on rare flower seeds: Prioritize merging rare seed packets rather than common ones as they have a higher chance of yielding valuable plants.

  • Upgrade existing plants: Merge fully grown flowers with other similar blossoms to upgrade them into even more magnificent versions.

Remember, merging requires careful planning and resource management. Be strategic with your merges, considering which combinations will yield the best results.

By exploring different acquisition methods, unlocking special events or challenges, and utilizing merging techniques, you can enhance your Merge Mansion experience and cultivate a garden filled with stunning planted flowers. Embrace the opportunities that arise within the game and watch as your collection flourishes into a vibrant paradise.

how to get planted bush seeds in merge mansion

Exploring the Uses of Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion

Creative Decorative Elements for Your Mansion

Planted flowers are not just pretty additions to your Merge Mansion; they can also serve as creative decorative elements to enhance the beauty of your surroundings. With a variety of colors and types available, you can create stunning arrangements that will make your mansion truly stand out.

Here are some ideas on how to utilize planted flowers as decorative elements:

  • Flower Beds: Create beautiful flower beds by planting different varieties of flowers together. Mix vibrant colors like red, yellow, and purple to add a pop of color to your mansion’s exterior.

  • Hanging Baskets: Hang baskets filled with trailing flowers from the ceilings or porch areas. Opt for cascading plants like petunias or ivy for an elegant touch.

  • Indoor Pots: Bring nature indoors by placing potted flowers in various rooms of your mansion. Choose smaller flowering plants like African violets or begonias for tabletops or windowsills.

Unlocking New Features and Bonuses

Certain types of planted flowers have special properties that can unlock new features or bonuses within the game. By strategically planting these flowers, you can reap additional rewards and progress faster in Merge Mansion.

Consider these options when choosing which planted flower seeds to prioritize:

  1. Mystery Drops: Some planted flowers have a chance of dropping mystery items when harvested. These items could range from coins and gems to rare decorations for your mansion.

  2. Energy Boosters: Certain flower buds give an energy boost when merged with others. This can be particularly useful when you’re low on energy points and need a quick refill.

  3. Unlocking Areas: Planted flower combinations may unlock previously inaccessible areas within Merge Mansion, revealing hidden treasures or new quests.

Merging Flowers for Unique Arrangements

In Merge Mansion, merging fully grown flowers is not only a way to clear space but also an opportunity to create unique arrangements and earn rewards. Experimenting with different combinations can lead to exciting discoveries and bonuses.

Follow these steps to merge flowers effectively:

  1. Harvest Fully Grown Flowers: Ensure you have fully grown flowers ready for merging. Harvest them by tapping on each flower individually.

  2. Merge Similar Varieties: Merge flowers of the same type together to create higher-level blooms. For example, merging three planted roses will result in a larger rose bush with increased rewards.

  3. Strategic Placement: Consider the placement of your merged flowers within your mansion. Some arrangements may unlock specific bonuses or trigger special events when placed in certain areas.

Remember, always keep an eye out for new flower drops and items that can be merged into even more impressive decorations!

By utilizing planted flowers as decorative elements, unlocking new features, and merging different varieties, you’ll not only beautify your mansion but also progress further in Merge Mansion. So get planting those seeds and watch your garden grow!

Expert Gameplay Tips for Obtaining Bush Seeds in Merge Mansion

Gain insights from expert players on effective strategies for obtaining bush seeds in Merge Mansion.

Expert players have developed effective strategies that can significantly increase your chances of finding these valuable items. By learning from their experiences and implementing their tactics, you can optimize your gameplay and maximize your harvest of bush seeds.

Discover lesser-known tips and tricks to increase your chances of finding bush seeds.

In the world of Merge Mansion, there are some lesser-known tips and tricks that can greatly enhance your ability to find bush seeds. These secrets, shared by experienced players, will give you an edge over others who are still struggling to obtain these elusive items:

  1. Explore every nook and cranny: Don’t overlook any area within the game. Bush seeds can be found in unexpected places such as hidden corners or behind objects. Take the time to thoroughly explore each room and merge items diligently.

  2. Complete quests and achievements: Engaging with quests and achievements not only rewards you with valuable resources but also increases your chances of receiving bush seeds as a bonus. Prioritize completing these tasks to boost your seed collection.

  3. Participate in events: Keep an eye out for special events within Merge Mansion. Events often offer exclusive opportunities to acquire rare items like bush seeds. Make sure to participate actively during these limited-time occasions.

  4. Trade with friends: Connect with other players through social platforms or join gaming communities dedicated to Merge Mansion. Trading surplus items with friends or fellow gamers can help you obtain additional bush seeds while fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

  5. Investigate secret rooms: Some levels contain secret rooms that hold hidden treasures, including precious bush seeds. Be thorough in your exploration and merge objects strategically to unlock these concealed areas.

Optimize your gameplay by implementing expert tactics specifically tailored to acquiring bush seeds.

To maximize your chances of obtaining bush seeds in Merge Mansion, expert players have devised specific tactics that focus solely on acquiring these coveted items. By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you can increase your efficiency and yield better results:

  1. Focus on merging plants: Prioritize merging plant objects rather than other miscellaneous items. This strategy increases the likelihood of receiving bush seeds as a reward for successful merges.

  2. Use power-ups wisely: Utilize power-ups strategically to speed up the merging process and create more opportunities for obtaining bush seeds. Activate power-ups when you have a higher concentration of plant objects available for merging.

  3. Upgrade your garden: Invest resources in upgrading your garden area within Merge Mansion. A well-developed garden provides a fertile ground for growing various plants, including bushes that yield valuable seeds.

  4. Merge strategically: Be mindful of the items you merge and their potential outcomes. Aim to merge objects with similar values or levels to unlock higher-tier plants that can produce bush seeds more frequently.

  5. Patience is key: Obtaining bush seeds may require some patience and persistence. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find them immediately;


Mastering the Art of Obtaining Bush Seeds and Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion is essential for progressing in the game and creating a beautiful virtual garden. By understanding how to find bush seeds and flowers, following a step-by-step guide, exploring their uses, and implementing expert gameplay tips, you can enhance your gaming experience.

To obtain bush seeds in Merge Mansion, focus on completing tasks, merging objects strategically, participating in events, and opening chests. These methods will increase your chances of acquiring the coveted bush seeds. Keep an eye out for special offers or promotions that may provide opportunities to obtain bush seeds more efficiently.

Once you have obtained bush seeds, use them to grow planted flowers. These flowers serve various purposes such as unlocking new areas, attracting characters to interact with, earning rewards, and advancing through quests. Experiment with different combinations of merged items to discover unique flower types and maximize their benefits.

To further improve your gameplay experience in Merge Mansion:

  1. Stay active during events: Participate actively in special events as they often offer exclusive rewards including bush seeds.

  2. Join a community: Connect with other players through forums or social media groups to exchange tips and tricks on obtaining bush seeds.

  3. Utilize power-ups wisely: Make use of power-ups available within the game to increase your chances of obtaining bush seeds.

  4. Complete quests: Focus on completing quests that specifically reward you with bush seeds or planted flowers.

  5. Plan ahead: Strategically merge items to optimize your resources and increase the likelihood of obtaining bush seeds.

By implementing these strategies and staying engaged with the game’s community, you can enhance your ability to obtain planted bush seeds in Merge Mansion.


Q: Are there any shortcuts or cheats available for obtaining bush seeds?

There are no legitimate shortcuts or cheats available for obtaining bush seeds in Merge Mansion. The game encourages players to progress organically by actively participating in events, completing quests, and merging objects strategically.

Q: Can I purchase bush seeds directly from the in-game store?

Currently, bush seeds cannot be purchased directly from the in-game store. However, keep an eye out for special offers or promotions that may provide opportunities to obtain bush seeds more efficiently.

Q: How long does it take for planted flowers to grow?

The time required for planted flowers to grow varies depending on the type of flower. Some flowers may take a few minutes to grow, while others may take several hours. Plan your gameplay accordingly and be patient while waiting for your flowers to bloom.

Q: Do different combinations of merged items result in different types of planted flowers?

Yes, merging different combinations of items can result in unique types of planted flowers. Experiment with various item combinations to discover new flower varieties and unlock their associated benefits.

Q: Can I sell or trade excess bush seeds or planted flowers with other players?

At present, there is no option to sell or trade excess bush seeds or planted flowers with other players within Merge Mansion. However, focus on utilizing your resources effectively and strategically merging items to avoid accumulating excessive amounts.

Remember, exploring different strategies and staying engaged with the game will enhance your chances of obtaining bush seeds and creating a magnificent garden in Merge Mansion. Happy gaming!